English and Sociology Tutor West London

 Important Terms and Conditions:

1. Please note that the cost of lessons are non-negotiable unless parents have paid for lessons in advance in blocks of at least 6 or more. If for any reason, the student is unable to complete lessons for that particular month, lessons will be re-scheduled at earliest convenience. 

2. Due to high levels of demand, I can only work with parents and students who are committed to achieving success. Thus, I cannot continue to work with students/parents who are ill-mannered, disruptive or rude. The relationship between parents/students and tutors should be professional, polite and respectful.

3. Cancellations for any lesson must be notified to me at least 3 days in advance. If for any reason a cancellation needs to be made please let me know at earliest convenience, failure to do so will resort in the £35 deposit being forfeited. 

4. A Learning Agreement is to be signed by the parent (if the student is under 18 years of age) at the first lesson. 

5. Discounts can only be provided on group lessons as well as lessons booked in advance.

6. A transportation fee will not be required for lessons that take place at within a one mile radius from my home.

7. Payment for lessons must be made before or immediately after each lesson. Cheque payments are accepted for group/pre-paid books.


I strive my best to ensure that I help students to successfully prepare for their examinations. However, I waiver any claims of responsibility for the failure of students to achieve a certain grade/result. Tuition lessons should always complement home and school based learning and are not meant to replace them.  

To ensure that students stand the best chance of success, I always advise that tuition begins as early as possible within the academic year. Last minute tuition lessons cannot make a substantial change to how well a student does.

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